Why is there no communication between these organisations?

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As a long-time resident of the Woolram Wygate area, I am writing to express my utter disbelief, fury and disgust at the closure of the railway crossing for six weeks.

Why was this work not scheduled within the 12 week period the junction was previously closed?

Or maybe scheduled for July/August, once the local schools started summer break? Both of which would have lessened the absolute chaos this will subsequently cause.

Not to mention the once-again diverted traffic, aiding to yet more deterioration of the potholes created from the last episode.

Instead, mid-winter seems “just the ticket” for Network Rail to start their work and judging by the road sign I drove past today, this has also now resulted in part of Woolram Wygate not being gritted.

I hope for the sake of all the partners/planners involved in this work that no serious injury comes from this neglect of human safety.

I appreciate maintenance needs to be done. I for one would welcome someone doing some remedial works to the track/road to level out the surface.

However, no such luck this time, as it appears we are having new barriers instead – even though our old gates seemed to work just fine... unlike the manual ones 200 yards away, which do need updating.

So, to all you motorists who, like me, frequently risk damaging your suspension, alloys and tyres as you drive over the crossing – our needs are not being taken into account.

Why is there no communication between Network Rail, Lincolnshire County Council and the Highways Department when they plan such works? What planet do these people come from?


Woolram Wygate