Why is our MP not supporting fairer fuel?

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Since this government announcement of a large tax hike come August 2012 on fuel I have supported the fair fuel campaign.

It involved emailing your MP for his support, in scrapping this obscene additional tax, which I did a number of times.

However, today (May 28) I checked the list of MPs whom were in fact supporting the fair fuel petition and found no mention of our local MP John Hayes.

This I find rather surprising, not giving his constituents any support in this matter.

Could I please ask him why he does not support the campaign?

Just maybe he would support the campaign if he were unfortunate enough to pay for his own fuel, perhaps putting his job on the line.

Or is it he is too busy handing out monies for mini apprenticeships for jobs that really rarely exist.

The latter I am afraid being mainly due to the Tory policy of privatisation and selling the country’s major industries.

John Cook

Long Sutton