Why can I not get a job any more?

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The letter below I posted on the Free Press and Guardian Facebook page, someone suggested I send it to you, so here you are. (It also had over 100 comments – Ed).

Before you read this please take careful note I am not racist in any way shape or form.

I am an unemployed Spalding resident, reasonably well experienced in the food industry.

I need to work, I want to work, I like to work, yet I cannot! Why?

I have approached numerous agencies only to be told no work, then as I stand there leaving my details, European Nationals come into office and are told they can start next day.

Now I am not looking for a major salary, nor am I too “picky”. I have a wealth of experience, but I could still clean a loo or pack a sprout.

All I hear is I am over-qualified.

Due to this situation I currently have to sign on to be given £53 per week to live off, attend interviews, clothe myself and try to maintain life.

Why are British now the minority in the area work force?

I feel left on the wayside.

Then some of the foreign nationals make Spalding unpleasant to be in of an evening due to the amount of drink consumed (yes I know Brits can be as bad).

I apologise if I appear disgruntled, I just want to work in my own town, and pay my own way. If anyone has any job they would consider giving to a hard working, English speaking, happy to do anything lady please do get in touch.

Lynne Jones