Why are they still allowed to plague our town?

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At last some action to restore the beautiful market town of Spalding. Sadly we have all been let down with the ridiculous immigration laws.

The local area offers fantastic opportunities for migrant workers wanting to build a better life, which the vast majority do, but why on earth are we unable to remove those that just commit crime.

You read in the papers the repeated names of shop lifters, burglars, drink drivers – why are they still allowed to plague our wonderful town?

Our police service has been cut beyond all measures and are stretched beyond belief. No wonder they struggle to deal with this anti-social behaviour.

Why are there so few police now – why, if our MP Mr Hayes supports this campaign, is his government cutting so much money from police budgets?

We need robust action and we have heard it all before – let’s see if Mr Hayes, the courts and police deliver.


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