Who in their right mind would close the A17 in the middle of summer?

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Could someone at the council’s Highways department inform me, as a very irate rates payer, who in their right mind would close the A17 down for seven days a week right in the middle of the summer holiday season?

If this work is to be carried out surely a night time closure would be more appropriate when the volume of traffic would be much less?

I was told by one of my customers that it took one and a half hours to travel from Sutton Bridge to my cafe at Fleet.

Also, why were there traffic lights on the Holbeach road when there was only a hole in the pavement and with no work being carried out on the Friday through to Monday.

Between us, my brother, who has the Farm Cafe on the other side of the road, and I, estimate that we will lose around £150,000 in turnover by the time the roadworks are completed..

I also arrange every year at this time a vintage rally to raise money for the local heroes fighting in Afghanistan, which due to these roadworks resulted in a lose of approximately £1,000 for this most worthy charity.

We would be pleased to discuss this matter further with representatives from the Highways Department.

Harold Payne

Anglia Motel Cafe

Fleet Hargate

Bill Payne

Farm Cafe

Fleet Hargate