Which way will our MP vote on fuel?

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My wife and I both live in the countryside and we have have no option but to travel to and from work, with the ongoing upward cost of fuel, plus looking into the future when our government are looking again at raising the taxes on fuel. As your headlines state, will it be the last straw?

Why don’t the government put a windfall tax on the fuel industry. The billions of profit they make would help to stop these rises which are affecting the working class and local businesses.

Look at the price of domestic heating oil, 58p a litre. How will the OAP stand another cold winter? The Government has just taken £50 from them from their winter heating.

A question for our local MP: “Will you be supporting your constituency and opposing these raises, by joining the 100,000 voters and your fellow MPs opposing the tax rises on fuel, or will you go just along with them to keep your position within the government safe.

“You must remember your constituents rely on your voice and your vote to help to stop these raises, Most of your voters have to travel to work.

“Your thoughts, John?”

Dave Barfoot

Sheapeau Stow