Where are police when you really need them?

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THE view from my office window recently was quite an interesting one.

I watched an ordinary looking guy walking his dogs through the Sheepmarket in Spalding get stopped by two police officers. He seemed to be doing no harm.

I’ve no doubt the police had their reasons to stop this man. He was searched in the middle of the street, handcuffed – which presumably meant he was arrested – and taken away in a police van.

Now, that very same day at around 5.30pm, I walked down Abbey Path. Congregating down there were no less than ten men and boys with beer cans lined up on a wall – I’m not sure if they were the same group of foreign nationals I had seen earlier in the day congregating in the same area with their beer cans and vodka bottles also lined up on the wall!

The next day there was the usual group congregating but this time two local boys on bikes were negotiating a tobacco sale with a foreign man.

Where are the police when they are really needed?