What on earth were the magistrates thinking of?

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In the words of a famous grumpy old man: “I do not believe it!”

What on earth was the panel and the magistrate Jim Price thinking of just issuing a very lenient fine when William Kelly had not only once broken the speed limit and was caught by a speed camera but FOUR times – and still has kept his licence.

I can understand being lenient the first time as he needs his licence to work but four times is outrageous.

All of us when driving are driving a deadly weapon and, in the wrong hands, lives can be devastated.

A car is lethal but an HGV is far more capable of doing severe damage. Kelly has shown no respect for the law or other innocent people. So after himself admitting he was driving with “lack of concentration”, the panel and magistrate decided to let him keep his licence.

I only hope the panel can live with themselves should Kelly be involved in a fatal accident.

Anyone else would have vowed not to do it again especially if the licence is needed for work but to do it time and time again is selfish and shows lack of respect to the law.