What an idiot!

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I feel I must make people aware of what I witnessed in Donington this teatime.

I could not believe it nor could my six-year-old grandson.

There was a large pale blue car parked with its front half on the new zebra crossing and back part on the zig zag lines on the bend facing the wrong way for that side of the road outside the Sunlight Chinese takeaway, no hazard light or anything warning other motorists of a problem.

What an idiot of a driver and selfish, evidently doesn’t know the Highway Code.

The car was also parked partly on the pavement, an accident waiting to happen.

There were also cars parked on double yellow lines outside the village Co-op.

Can people not walk anywhere these days?

Hopefully if printed the driver many read this and realise what an idiot they were.

It was parked for more than ten minutes.

There were a lot of people shaking their heads at the situation this had caused to pedestrians and other motorists.

C Pick