What about that survey?

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As the weeks tick by, what news of Sustainable Spalding’s Mr Garvie’s ‘survey’ and its findings as being given to Coun Porter and how they will benefit the area?

I seem to recall a few editions ago that they were being handed over, although quite why he never produced them at their meeting of minds weeks ago is something to wonder about again.

Then again, weeks now turning into months since the ‘survey’, I now make a point of asking wherever we go in the area if anybody took part. Nobody I have spoken to seems to have been approached.

A number of them have said they were curious themselves and bearing in mind 3,300 local people were alleged to have been asked, just who are they and where were they approached? At home? In the street? At the village ducking stool?

One or two have suggested that perhaps Mr Garvie should abandon his plans to transform Spalding into his idea of Utopia with multiplex cinemas, 24-hour opening porridge bars and supermarkets etc and take on the White Elephant Centre and make that work, as he is seemingly so gifted in such corporate matters, although I may be jumping the gun a bit here as he announces that very move soon.

We wait with baited breath.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End