What about some reporting on positives at Red Lion Quarter?

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As a regular reader of the Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian, I am getting fed up with constantly reading about the Red Lion Quarter.

All the reporters (especially Andrew Brookes) seem to forget that in the Red Lion Quarter there is a very successful restaurant called Sage, which is run by Boston College.

This restaurant employs many young people from the area and gives them a great opportunity of work experience in a restaurant while gaining a valuable qualification at the same time. I have visited the restaurant many times and I can assure you the meals and quality of service are excellent.

The restaurant is fully booked most weekends, which proves that it is a success (the success could be due to the fact that the council has nothing to do with it!)

So how about a bit of positive reporting for a change?

Also when reporting on the Red Lion Quarter how about making it clear to the public that Sage Restaurant has nothing to do with South Holland District Council?

I get really annoyed with the letters you print from readers ie: Mr Huett, from Holbeach, mentions the college but he obviosuly does not understand that the college has nothing to do with the district council.

The public need to be made aware of this.

Mrs C Bent