What a sad place our town has become

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I’m not a merchant of doom, in fact I am the eternal optimist, but I’m having a job to be optimistic about Spalding town centre.

My wife and a group of friends had a meal at a restaurant in the Crescent then moved into the town centre via the Hole in the Wall passage.

They had to step over a trail of urine being laid down by one of our overseas guests.

I met my wife and friends for a drink in the town and could observe a group drinking in Hall Place.

In the hour we were there no sign of our police to have a word with them about drinking in the street.

On leaving the pub to give the ladies a lift home, walking back to our car parked near the South Holland Centre we had to witness another overseas guest urinating up Boots’ shop front.

This type of behaviour must put people off coming in to town for a night out and the ladies I was with would not come into town unless in a group because they feel intimidated.

What a sad state our once-pleasant town has become and also the local businesses should expect more support from our police because of the impact it is having on their trade.

Does the CCTV system work or is there nobody to man it?

We also seem lacking of police on the beat but not lacking with officers that can drive.


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