Were any time capsules planted to mark these Royal events?

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With Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, whose birthday was the April 21 1926, along with her accession to the throne by being proclaimed the “New Queen for the UK” on February 8 1952, plus her eventual Coronation on the June 2 1953, I cannot say I’ve been reading anything in either paper about anyone doing a “time capsule” of these three events.

I wondered if back in time on these three dates did anyone create a “time capsule” by putting ephemera of the day like newspapers, bus tickets, school reports, council meetings, restaurant menus, bills of sale, photographs, greetings cards, ticket stubs, birthday cards, ideas for the future from both pre-war and post-war times etc into a container and burying them somewhere to be dug up later?

Perhaps a school or college, the local MP or any council members, or any businesses did such a “time capsule”?

If so, is it remembered where any such “time capsules” were buried for future retrieval? Are there any plans to begin unearthing them now – from 1926, 1952 or 1953 to celebrate these historic Royal events?

It would be fascinating to know what is out there under the ground in this part of Lincolnshire, and waiting to be unearthed for the past to be given a local new lease of life and an insight into the past.

Is there anyone out there who remembers doing any of this kind of thing? This could be quite fascinating.

Alan Long

St Thomas’ Road