WELLBEING SERVICE: Thanks, but you don’t cut the mustard

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Thank you Ruth Cumbers for answering my letter (about the county council Wellbeing Service) but it does not cut the mustard. You don’t seem to differentiate between the age groups.

The older age group needs more care than the younger age group.

It is the golden hour syndrome that is the key to the successful call out. Outside that period of time sometimes is the difference between life and death.

Having to travel from Grantham, Boston, Lincoln, I wonder how much of the golden hour is used. Is the Spalding area covered by responders who are orientated to the area, or shall we have responders wandering around looking for an address. Don’t forget the golden hour is still ticking by.

Regarding to the mode of transport you quote that the ownership of an MOT as if that gives assurance that the said vehicle will be roadworthy for the 12 months.

There will be wear and more wear, ie tyres, brake pads, clutch and batteries. I notice you made no reference to inclement weather that I posed as another problem to be solved. The golden hour is receding in to the distant past.

Key boxes fitted by the front doors is the answer to entry. Who is responsible for the codes or said boxes. A list. Who is responsible for such a list? I ask you the question: would you be comfortable with your front door key being left in the door overnight, night after night?

Who bears the cost of all these brilliant ideas.

You state that triage will be used to diagnose the critically ill. Surely this can only be achieved if the patient is conscious and hears the pull cord box to make voice contact.

It appears that the pennies to cover all this activity may have been discussed in the ivory towers, but has it been discussed with the residents?

You say the better service came into being on April 1, 2014. It’s now May 8 and we still have not been told anything. No coded key boxes. What else have we not been told?

M Mothers