WELLBEING SERVICE: Questions need some answers

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Open letter to Ruth Cumbers (head of supported housing at Lincolnshire County Council).

You claim the Wellbeing Service has been designed to better meet the people’s needs. Can you please answer the following questions?

1 – The rapid response is based where during the hours of darkness? Who mans this response and what means of transport will be used? Is it privately owned, publicly owned? Who is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle being used?

2 – Where within the county will the responders be based? What distance will the responders have to travel on average?

3 – Are the responders on duty allowed to sleep? If so who is responsible for rousing said responders?

4 – What, if any, is the back up plan to cover inclement weather?

5 – What is the procedure when the responder(s) reach the call out address and all is in darkness and locked up? In the property a 92-year-old man has had a fall in the bathroom and unable to move.

6 – Who holds any keys required to enter any of the 48 dwellings in Lime Court? What security is placed on the keys?

7 – What is the optimum time for completion?

The procedure is liable to be bogged down by two such calls being activated miles apart and the ambulance service in full use.

Who does what?

Who dies first? The person who made the alarm call or a responder rushing to answer the call.

I’ll wager a bet that no matter how bogged down the managers will not be manning the front lines. The first they will hear of any failure is when they are on their second cup of coffee at about 9am.

I’m open to be proved wrong but somehow I don’t think I will be.

But to be fair, I hope I am.

M Mothers