We will scrutinise the outcome

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Now that the ‘Government’ has apparently abandoned democracy, ignored the majority local electorate and foisted the Flaxmill Lane development on us, we Pinchbeck residents will scrutinise the outcome.

After all, it is our own community land that is having ‘affordable housing’ built on it and our good name and reputation at risk under the banner of Pinchbeck Community Land Trust.

On the one hand, we could end up with a top-quality product to be proud of, and also retain the full price paid for the land (with associated grants, etc) solely for use within Pinchbeck Parish boundary - strictly and without exception. Also, have firm guarantees that there will be no further disposal of our publicly owned land (within Pinchbeck parish boundary) for any housing or commercial building purposes - particularly as the supply of private land outstrips any such predicted necessity for at least 25 years.

On the other hand we could end up with an embarrassingly poor product, and also suffer our financial gain being siphoned off for capital projects in areas outside our immediate parish borders (that may choose not to follow our example) and also suffer more of our community land being summarily disposed of against our wishes.

Quite rightly, therefore, we Pinchbeck residents will judge the outcome - watch this space!

Douglas Dickens