We’ve been putting the ‘Pedals’ in motion

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AGAIN I can only agree with Mr N Bingham’s further letter about irresponsible cycling (‘Nuisance of pavement cyclists’, Lincolnshire Free Press, November 1) and with his criticism of the cycle lane in Pinchbeck Road.

I would like to assure him and all readers that PEDALS, now in its 28th year, is very active in trying to secure more and better cycle routes in the town. This should both encourage more cycling, and on cycle paths, not pavements.

We have had several meetings recently with both our councils. Despite reduced and uncertain funding for perhaps the next ten years or so, we are working hard with them on (1) planning more cycle routes, (2) filling gaps, (3) safer junctions for cyclists, (4) more cycle parking in Spalding town centre, and (5) a Spalding cycling map.

If Mr Bingham or anyone else would like more details, or would like to contribute to our work, please get in touch with me on 01775 766145.