We’ve been left in the dark over road closure

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I was very interested to read the statement by Steve Willis, head of Lincolnshire County Council Highways, in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press, saying they have kept in regular contact with local businesses during the ongoing closure of Fleet Road.

As the only communication I have had was a letter dated February 13, informing me of their intention to carry out the works, I felt as though I must have been excluded from this ‘regular contact’; however, a quick survey of my fellow traders confirmed that they too had been left completely in the dark.

As for the signs, people just see “Road Closed” and assume there is no vehicular access to the town. We have had numerous phone calls from customers asking if there is any way they can get to us by car, and this morning an 82-year-old lady walked all the way from Boston Road car park to our shop in Fleet Street, as she felt she had to obey the “Road Closed” signs.

Maybe “Road Open as far as Edinburgh Walk” would have given people a better idea of the real situation.

I somehow imagine there may be a similar lack of communication when it comes to offering compensation for the amount of lost trade we have suffered as a result of this fiasco, but I live in hope.

Patrick Limming

JW Limming

Fleet Street