We should thank Coun Taylor for bikes rather than be negative

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I would like to just give Mr Wickenden an answer to his letter of April 26 (Their duty to prevent crime).

The reason why the police would be glad to receive the cycles is this: The Spalding Town Partnership committee had been advised that the police and the PCSOs’ catchment areas had grown so much that they were not able to police the town so often because of the extended area they had to walk.

At one of our meetings this was discussed and it was decided that we would try and help by getting someone to sponsor a cycle for them, therefore making it quicker for them to get around town and service the community.

Let me say, no-one came forward from the letters which were sent.

Julie Grant, who was chair at this time, did not give in and councillor Gary Taylor kindly purchased them from his budget to help the police and thus help the people of the town at the same time.

So maybe instead of being negative re: the cycles we should thank Coun Taylor and wish a speedy crime result to the PCSOs and the police.

Sue Stubley