We should be congratulating bright ‘Sparcs’

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I am saddened to read yet again negativity about such a fantastic facility as Glen Park and Sparc (Surfleet Play and Recreation Committee) – Mr P Speight, Lincolnshire Free Press, April 17.

The benefits that Sparc has given Surfleet and the wider community should be praised, not criticized. It would be nice for once if someone were to congratulate Mr Whyles and every single person that has been involved with such a huge and successful venture.

I would like to suggest that instead of wasting time writing irrelevant letters of response to factual statement that Mr Speight and like minded members of the public should contemplate the thousands of hours other members of the community have donated to Glen Park and Sparc to achieve what is already there.

To maintain the pitches, grounds, car park, play equipment, to advertise and continuously improve the site costs a substantial amount of money.

Sparc has submitted application after application for funding to complete the project since a large contribution of funds was withdrawn in 2003, coinciding with London winning the 2012 Olympic bid.

Exciting plans to install a second income stream at the park are in development and have generated interest from such funding bodies as Village “SOS”, who has awarded the project £28,000.

The installation of a bistro, artisan bakery and pizzeria will not only provide Sparc with a self-sufficiency, negating the need to go cap in hand to the parish council as Mr Speight puts it, but also will give visitors to the park a comfortable place to eat, relax, surf the web and, of course, use the fully accessible toilet and baby change facilities.

The bistro will be providing customers with freshly baked bread, seasonal, locally produced meals and offering adults and children the opportunity to learn to bake artisan bread products.

Guardian Angel’s comment in April 19 is true to what we are currently trying to achieve, along with up to date changing accommodation.

I am unsure as to whether Mr Speight agrees or disagrees with the parish council supporting community projects and would like to let him know that Surfleet Parish Council has a public forum from 7pm at every meeting.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, May 15 at the Fraiser Room.

The public forum is held to give the people of Surfleet the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions regarding being a resident of the village.

Our local PCSO Sally Pusey normally attends the meetings, which would give Mr Speight the chance to discuss his proposed use of her time and its viability.

Coun Fran Healands

Station Road


Barefoot Bistro and

Bakery Project