We should all support the new football development

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I am writing following an enjoyable evening at Spalding Athletic Football Club presentation night.

There were all age groups from under-sevens right up to under-18s picking up various awards for the football season.

When you see such enthusiasm, pride and pleasure from children doing something they enjoy it seems right that we all should be supporting the new football development for the children to be able to have a base to train, play and to be part of the future of Spalding United football.

It would be excellent for all the teams to be able to train and play together at a new, purpose-built venue.

As Spalding is looking to develop parts of the town and looking for future generations to grow up in a town they are proud of, we should be doing anything we can to encourage these future players of Spalding United.

We are living in a society of gadgets and games and hear in the press about children growing up with health issues, therefore we need to encourage our children to exercise and get involved with local sports and clubs, and to get involved as parents to support and help the running of such facilities.

Well done to all the boys at the presentation night. Your parents should be proud of you all.

Denise Froggatt

West Elloe Avenue