We’re puzzled over Whaplode plan

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MY wife and I attended the council meeting regarding the planning application for the Cobgate building, Cobgate, Whaplode, submitted by Mr D W Green.

Will someone please explain to us and all the residents of the Cobgate area how can Mr Green get his request passed when this was refused in 2006 with less use of HGVs?

He now wants this passed with up to ten HGVs per day using Cobgate.

When we purchased our home three years ago we accepted the volume of traffic along Cobgate and this we could live with. The main HGV use of Cobgate is Gratton and Son and they show great respect for all the Cobgate residents.

We now have eight extra lorries than we had in January 2006 when this was refused. How can the county highways authority now say it’s safe to allow up to 66 HGVs to use this road per week with the return trip making it 132 trips per week from 7am to 8pm on Monday to Friday inclusive, and between 8am and 1pm Saturdays. That would be one HGV every one hour 18 minutes using our road.

Tractors use our road a great deal because it’s a country road and was made for tractor use. This will cause great problems in harvest time, etc.


Sandringham Close