We’re not racist but we do have rules

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I would like to address Roger Seal’s letter (Spalding Guardian, October 4) and I disagree with him saying Mr Long’s letter (Spalding Guardian, September 27) was racist.

I feel (in his reply to Pole Jan Kowalski) Mr Long is stating what a majority of us are thinking.

But I have to ask, if Poland is such a fantastic place, why move here? And Mr Kowalski states Spalding is not what it was. So why stay?

I was already led to believe they came here for a better life as theirs was not so good and they had little or no money. Yet where do they get the money to open shops?

We have numerous car washes opening everywhere with insufficient drainage. Our own shops are closing because of the cost of rent/rates. All of their shops have been granted an off-licence.

They are allowed to black out windows of a butchers but our own butchers are not allowed to do this. Some drive cars with no licence, and if they do have a licence some do not tax or insure the vehicle.

I believe our police force need to toughen up but they are then deemed to be racist.

If immigrants commit a crime they should be sent home. If they are not working they should also be sent home.

I do not see how they can claim benefits when they have paid nothing into our system.

Some know what they are entitled to before even entering the country. Quite clearly as a town/county and country we need to toughen up.

Get the bobbies back on the beat in our streets and towns to crack down on crimes such as fishing with no licence, drinking in the streets, urinating in the town, motoring offices, selling counterfeit goods, working illegally and fighting.

We are not racist, we have rules. Enforce them and act on them accordingly. Our country, our rules. If you don’t like them, don’t come here.

Mandy Chappell