We’re lucky to have new A16 but unfortunate to have tree vandals

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I disagree with Patrick Wensor (“My disappointment at dawn of this very basic £80m road”, Mailbox, October 25).

I think that we are very privileged to have been given a road as good as the new A16.

In my opinion it has been beautifully landscaped and contoured and is well adequate for its purpose.

It is a joy to drive down and the bridge over Carr Dyke is a magnificent scenic feature. It’s my view that the newly-opened section between Crowland and Peterborough shows the countryside of the area off to its absolute very best.

One thing that I do find disappointing though is that during the school half-term holiday, person or persons unknown have found it necessary to break off the tops of quite a lot of the saplings on both sides of the road near the Carr Dyke bridge.

I should imagine that these trees probably cost between £20 and £30 each to which then has to be added the cost of replanting them.

I do hope that the money will be able to be found to replace them.


North Street