We need something for kids of Sutton Bridge

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I am writing to you with regards to the youth club or lack of one in Sutton Bridge.

I attended the April parish council meeting to establish what is happening about a new youth club and, after going over old news about how the methodist church had withdrew funding and how the old youth club sits on council land, asked why Sutton Bridge Parish Council couldn’t take over the funding until a better solution was found.

I was informed that they were looking into having a room in the new community centre, which I pointed out was totally impractical as just to put tables out for one night and put away the next day just wouldn’t work – maybe for the younger kids it might but for the older children they need a place that is run by people they respect and a place that is there that they can use which is an escape from their normal daily routine.

I am miffed as to why there has not been a committee set up to look into what can be done and further miffed as to why I was told there was no money to put towards it as loads had been put towards the marina and the rest had been applied for and promised to the new pavilion.

The village has not celebrated the royal wedding, Christmas, St George’s Day and there is no intention to celebrate the jubilee – but its okay, we will have a marina and a new pavilion.

Am I missing something here or is our council failing the average person of Sutton Bridge?

The children of Sutton Bridge need somewhere to go and no one has done anything about it.

Also, I was informed at the meeting that they were having a meeting with a youth worker with regards a youth club in the community centre and that information for this meeting would be dropped round to me – but, alas, although it was probably in the minutes no information was delivered to me so I was unable to attend the meeting.

I can’t be the only person in Sutton Bridge that is frustrated by this situation.

Karen Bostock

King Street

Sutton Bridge