We need more information about proposed community land trust

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Like Leon Tetherton I believe more information and questions about the Pinchbeck Community Land Trust are needed (Councillors are in fantasy land, Free Press, May 8).

At the meeting he refers to, the affordable housing element of a CLT persuaded a majority to vote in favour of establishing a steering committee because this is plainly an issue people feel strongly about.

However, there are already other schemes locally/nationally and most importantly it is only one element of CLT (albeit, the one that could generate a £2,000pa grant of taxpayers’ money for the Pinchbeck Parish council).

Listening at this meeting I thought no evidence was offered, only the following assertions: 1 – “It will help Pinchbeck remain the type of village we enjoy today” (see meeting pamphlet); 2 – “It won’t cost us anything” (comment by PPC vice chair) and finally a general concensus that it’s all good.

I think the opposite and voted against the proposal; it will increase the population and will change the village, it will cost taxpayers money directly or indirectly and finally, leaving aside affordable housing, questions remain about what a Pinchbeck CLT can do.

This is where we are; a meeting attended by, maybe, 60 of Pinchbeck’s residents has created a steering committee of unelected and perhaps unqualified volunteers who may or may not become involved in the disposal of our parish land for housing, work places, pubs, recreation use or even wind turbines.

I do not understand the full implications of all this and I suspect a lot of others at the meeting may feel the same. It is all as clear as mud.


Wimberley Way