We need all our heart, soul and mind

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Thought For The Week

If I see something on television that pulls at the heartstrings, I find it hard to hold back a tear. My wife is not usually affected in the same way, so she tells me to stop blubbing.

I may tell her, jokingly, that she has a heart of stone but deep down I know she is right to be suspicious of sentimentality. She is not someone who enjoys a good cry and wouldn’t dream of choosing to watch a film 
knowing that it would be a ‘weepie’. She is aware of how easy it is to manipulate people by playing with on their emotions.

Religious faith relies on a mixture of thought and feelings. If it is all ‘head’ then someone may have a great deal of knowledge about what they believe but it never changes the fundamental way they behave. If it is all ‘heart’ then they may respond immediately, but because they haven’t thought it through they may do more harm than good.

When Jesus was asked about it he said that it needs all your heart, soul and mind to do what is right.

I think that is still true even if we don’t think of ourselves as religious.

Rev John Bennett

St Mary and St Nicolas Parish Church, Spalding