We need a clearer idea of what they have in mind

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HOLLAND Market and the areas around Winfrey Avenue have long been in need of a rethink.

Now that it is happening, however, things seem to have got off on the wrong foot. People clearly feel that they are being kept in the dark.

Most would probably agree that, useful though it is, the whole Holland Market area is unsatisfactory.

Stores that turn their backs on the centre and are severed from it by a busy road and a pokey passage, a remote bus station, a scruffy jumble round the water tower, green space bequeathed to the people of Spalding hidden behind an eight-foot concrete wall, a vast car park arid and un-landscaped.

A scheme that was able to put even some of these things right would deserve a warm welcome – always provided, of course, that it had no harmful knock-on effects elsewhere, such as a threat to the shops of the historic centre, or the loss of central green space.

At the moment, however, we just don’t know. We’re all arguing in the dark. What we need is a clearer idea of what the council and Corbo have in mind. Some sort of overall picture.

Accordingly, we would like to invite the council, through your columns, to let the people of Spalding know what the council would like to see for this key area of the town. To share with us, in a few sentences, their vision.

Likewise we invite Corbo to tell us what they, in their turn, would like to see there, their vision.

Much of the resentment and growing suspicion would probably then subside. There would still be different reactions, no doubt, but they would more likely take the form of: “Why don’t you?,” “Have you thought of?,” “Wouldn’t it be better if?,’’ “Did you know that?”.

Phrases like this point towards a positive input, to constructive, collaborative comment. Surely this would be a more helpful way of approaching the re-planning of this important part of the town than what has been happening up to now.




Planning Sub-Committee,

Spalding Civic