We must continue to fight against wind farms

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I applaud opposition to more wind farms in South Holland, not only due to their vandalism of our landscape and effects on the neighbouring communities, but also that they are the most expensive and unreliable source of electricity yet invented.

Nonetheless, even if their continued expansion is pre-ordained by central government and EU dictat (however misguided and undemocratic that may be), we must continue to fight and to influence local decisions wherever possible.

Taking Peterborough City Council as an example of a long-term cohesive policy, their power station is architecturally far superior to ours, and benefits the whole community long term. Their wind farm proposals near Newborough are sited on Community land therefore any on-going

subsidies will go direct to the community via their public purse, rather than to landowners/developers/individual farmers.

If we eventually have to make the best of a bad job with regard to the Delph Farm proposals, has any consideration been given to other local sites using land owned either by Pinchbeck Parish Council itself or Lincolnshire County Council. Surely a potential yearly income approaching £250,000 for subsidies from nine wind turbines would be invaluable for our community, bearing in mind that we have yet to see a red cent from the Spalding Power Station eyesore.

Possibly any Delph Farm opponents still defining their strategy, could help to clarify their parish councillors’ views during the open session preceding the joint Pinchbeck/West Pinchbeck Parish Council meeting at West Pinchbeck Village Hall on Monday, November 12 at 7pm.