We hope to find compromise so ‘Saturday skips’ can continue

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I am very pleased to support the comments of Coun Roger Gambba-Jones (‘Saturday skips could be saved’ – Guardian, February 9) regarding the Saturday supplementary collection.

Lincolnshire County Council is indeed in fruitful negotiations with South Holland District Council to find a compromise which would allow the service to continue.

As a local resident, I am well aware of the popularity of the “Saturday skips”, particularly in the parts of South Holland most remote from our recycling facility in West Marsh Road, Spalding.

There is never an excuse for fly-tipping, but the continuance of the supplementary service is an important way of reducing this pernicious nuisance as well as providing a well-used amenity for the responsible majority.

nOn an unrelated matter, I want to allay concerns over the publication of road closure notices and traffic regulation orders.

I am adamant that whatever the outcome of the Department for Transport’s consultation document, my Highways Directorate will continue to ensure that information is available to all, in good time and with no surprises.

Coun William Webb

Highways &


Lincolnshire CC