We have been stressed out by these car insurance scammers

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Please be aware of a new scam that seems to be occurring locally.

Our address has falsely been used for insuring vehicles.

It started when we received various insurance letters and policies in January confirming insurance taken out online, in foreign men’s names but using our address.

We informed the police straight away together with the relevant insurance companies.

However, the insurance companies are unable to just cancel the policies on our say-so, and say that they have to go through the whole procedure of warning letters until eventually the insurance is cancelled.

We have received many letters regarding this from various insurance companies and now have received a red letter from one company, obviously not in our name, but even so, saying that they will come to our address to obtain payment.

The first few letters we received were policies in foreign men’s names, but now they seem to be changing them to English names, but the same foreign names are mentioned within the schedules of the insurance.

We reported this to Spalding police and they are trying to track down the vehicles and names even though the policy holders are more than likely fake names.

Our advice to you is, if you receive any mail at all addressed to any unknown names but with your address, rather than just throwing them away, please read them and if something similar seems to be happening please report it to the police to put a stop to this kind of activity.

This is causing us a lot of stress but at least we are capable of making phone calls and sending scans of the documents to the police. But we are concerned for the elderly or people that are unable to deal with these kind of affairs and the worry and upset it can cause.


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