We deserve better than this neglected pool

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I am responding to the article regarding the shelving of the proposed new (Spalding) swimming pool complex.

This, for me, is a double-edged issue because as I am a user of the current neglected pool, I was looking forward to having a clean and modern new facility to use.

However, on the other hand as a mother of a son and daughter who were members of the ATC, I was upset to know that should the development have gone ahead they might have lost part of their facility.

My main concern now though is the decline of the pool, which I fear will continue.

I have been in contact with the management company for some time and have raised with them various issues regarding cleanliness and maintenance.

I strongly believe that the residents of Spalding and surrounding areas as well as the various clubs that use the pool and its facilities deserve better than they are getting.

I can only speak for women and the facilities in their changing rooms, but in general terms the pool area itself is showing clear signs of neglect.

My fear is that now the development has been shelved the management company and the council will not invest any money in updating and modernising the complex, and the situation will only get even worse.

I would be interested to know what your readers think and if they feel as strongly as I do.

We all pay our council tax and pay a fair amount to use the facilities and I believe we are not getting value for money. We deserve better.

Paula Tippler