We chose to live outside town but we still support plan for football pitches

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AFTER reading your letters page, especially two letters, we would like to voice our opinions on the Pennyhill football academy, titled ‘Yes to Holbeach Youth Academy’.

First of all we would like to say we agree with the letter by Phil Barnes and we don’t agree with the letter by P Wiseman.

First, P Wiseman, said: “My neighbours and I chose to live outside of Holbeach.” Yes, we did, but that does not say we agree with you P Wiseman.

In fact we don’t. I used to play football for Pennyhill Nursery football team in the 70s/80s. We had to travel to Moulton Seas End for our home matches.

So I/we agree with Phil Barnes’ letter. Holbeach youth football teams need a permanent place to train instead of trailing further than Holbeach to play their home games.

Not only will the Holbeach teams use the football academy, it will be used by other local teams to train on different days when possible not to clash with Holbeach youth teams.

We agree with Ashley King. He is just trying to finish the dream which his father started.

Good for you Ashley, and Phil Barnes of Holbeach youth football. I hope your plans pass and you get the go-ahead for the long-awaited football pitches and extra changing rooms. Also the affordable houses to be built as quick as possible.

We are 100 per cent with you all for this venue. We cannot see it is bother to anybody when it’s all done. It will be a big boost for Holbeach teams.


Cherry Tree Lane