We already have enough of our own criminals here without inviting others

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It’s about time it was recognised by a newspaper, be it local, that some migrants entering this country are the dregs of society.

Some of them are people with criminal backgrounds in their own countries who, I am sure, their own people are glad to see the back of.

My question is: Why are they being let into our country to start their new life of criminality here?

Why should we, the honest, hard-working people of Britain have to put up with them.

They should never have been let in in the first place, and when they do get caught and imprisoned here, on release they should automatically be deported the same day with no hope of ever returning.

Instead they are set free to carry on with their criminal activities here.

I know the do-gooders out there will say they need to be given a chance in life – well my response to that is they have had chances and don’t learn or don’t want to learn.

Some people cannot be helped and don’t want your help.

We have enough of our own criminals here without inviting those from other countries as well.

I also don’t see why the countries these people are from should not pay in full for the cost of imprisoning them here and the return flight to their country on release.

Maybe then we stand a chance of making Britain great again.

MR N Bingham

Park Road