We all have gripes, but MP is most honest man going

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I refer back to the letter from Peter Bird on November 1 stating that our mp should be imprisoned.

No-one should use this tone of anger. We all have our gripes and John Hayes is the most honest man going.

I have known John for years and he is the most kind man going, and it’s not fair to him or his family to say our mp should be imprisoned

John is a man that will help any person that needs help and the letter writer should apologise for what he said in the paper.

I have had my letters in the paper disagreeing with the council from time to time, especially over the cinema that I believe would be good for the town, but I do not say people should go to jail because it’s wrong, and it was wrong for our mp and his family.

I hope Mr Bird takes note and says sorry, as I think he will.


Thames Road