WAR MEMORIES: Great surprise to see grandad in the paper

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It was with great surprise that I opened last week’s Free Press to see an article about my grandad Walter Newell, the 16-year-old boy whose photo is in the right hand bottom of the group (“The seven sons who served the King.”)

I did know he was in the army in India but like a lot of men he did not speak too much about that time.

I do know it was a very big family he came from, he being the last but one of 25 or 26 children.

Some he did not know very well because of the age differences, they being grown up before he was born and also their very early deaths.

I think it was common in those times for this to happen. However he later married and moved to Whaplode Drove and had seven children of his own – but sadly there are now only two living, not locally. My grandad died in his seventies in the 1970s but I do know that there will be a lot of distant relations alive of the rest of his family. Maybe they will also contact you.

Veronica Smith