Wanna bag for your bag?

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I smiled when I read the letter from a fellow Free Press reader who had an encounter in WHSmith’s checkout.

Not so long ago I went into a supermarket to buy a newspaper and on getting close to the till I noticed a pile of “bags for life” and decided to buy one.

On getting to the till and asking for a “bag for life”, the assistant took one off the pile and put it down next to the newspaper – so far, so normal.

The next bit was wonderful as I was asked if I “wanted a hand packing”.

I assured the dear lady I was not going on holiday once leaving the store and the next mind boggling bit was ‘“do you wanna bag?”

The chap beyond me stared in disbelief and enquired did he hear right and I assured him he did indeed.

Just to keep in the swing of things, I asked if I could fit into the next customer training programme, which I explained was like staff training but for novice customers... to which the dear soul looked wide-eyed and in true blue tradition, gave that immortal line: “I’ll have to get my supervisor.”

Who said the music hall was dead? Simon Cowell, eat your heart out.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End