Vogel’s words for Silver Jubilee still ring so true

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AS many celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I reproduce some words from the preacher Teddy Vogel to celebrate the Silver Jubilee:

“Queen Elizabeth the Second is not only our queen but also the head of the Church of England, and we who profess the Christian faith have double cause to be thankful. She has dedicated herself to the service of her people, and with equal sincerity to the service of her God, in humility and faith.

When we compare ourselves with other countries we should surely realise how fortunate we are in having a head of state, who is not moved by the ambitions which cause many to seek and cling on to power, and who quietly and consistently holds fast to the highest standards of conduct and good taste in a world where these standards are often ignored or derided.

We should remind ourselves that for Queen Elizabeth II her position means the constant subordination of her own inclinations and wishes to what she sees to be her duty; it means that, in large measure, she has to sacrifice her private life so that she may promote the public good.

She knows well the meaning of our Lord’s words to his disciples: ‘Among you, whoever wants to be great, must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be the willing slave of all’.”


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