Visiting Red Lion Quarter is like Marie Celeste

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What a terrible shame that the new centre has ceased to grab the local – or visiting – public’s attention. Such great things were anticipated from this upgraded bit of Spalding town centre.

Okay, let’s start from the grand entrance to the new commerce!

On my first approach, I almost fell down the silly stairs – and I am relatively agile.

Goodness knows what I’d do with my disabled boss in his wheelchair.

To continue – into the vestibule. Brace yourself ready for the glorious new... empty place! Feels like a college after the students have gone home.

Look around, cough, mutter to oneself, see what looks like a storeroom behind glass windows, laden with wine bottles on which I can see no obvious “come and get me” labels, or numbers.

To be honest, and no I don’t wear glasses, it wouldn’t make any difference if there was, as I am starting to feel like a visitor on the Marie Celeste.

If there was anyone in the store, even if I could fathom out the sales point(s), I was not aware.

Thoroughly spooked by the whole atmosphere, I did not dare venture inside any further!

I met a colleague later, who enjoys the good things in life, including spending abilities I don’t have.

I have also had a few looks at the Sage restaurant. The prices seem reasonable but I have never managed to find it open to see its clientele.

Was a bit hard, again, to see into the fairly dark interior to have a curious peek – a well known public pastime, not just for a nosy parker like me!

Good luck on the revamp job. Please try to make it feel a tiny bit more “user friendly” when you get the hammer and drills out – again!

Caroline Noble

Low Fulney