Visibility is not the problem – volume is

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Once again we are having the debate regarding a roundabout at the A151/A17 junction.

Along with many other nasty junctions in the south Lincolnshire area (ie Crowland, Radar Corner and the old A16/A17) appear to favour dangerous staggered junctions rather than roundabouts.

I understand there is going to be an investigation into Peppermint Junction to see if there is a lack of visibility. This is not the problem – the actual problem is the volume of traffic on the A17.

As a local ratepayer I would like a breakdown of why it should cost £1.5million to install a roundabout which is essentially a blob of grass surrounded by concrete?

We appear to have roundabouts where the traffic is lighter – we even have one at the new Johnson Hospital – but unfortunately not on the actual main road.

So, my gripe is this... Lincolnshire County Council, I, along with many others, pay your wages. Therefore, speaking as your employer, I would really like to know why you can tell us what we can and cannot have.

You obviously know better than us simpletons that use it and pay for it.

Mel Woolsey


West Pinchbeck