Village will be lost if the proposed Land Trust is allowed to go ahead

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In regard to the article in the Spalding Guardian on June 14 and the meeting of Pinchbeck Parish Council and the proposed Community Land Trust.

In a meeting with short notice given 65 people voted, and we now we have a steering group of unelected members deciding the future of a whole village, where there is a population of thousands. Is this acceptable, legal, or democratic?

The parish council should protect the land which has been left to the people, in perpetuity.

Why have allotments when we already have them, unless the real agenda is to build over the allotments through Captains Beck, or renewable or alternative energy plants/wind farms – after all the parish council requested Brown & Co attend a meeting to discuss wind turbines in March 2011.

To whom are the Parish Council and the CLT accountable, the community?

Then why are they unelected and have already set their agenda, and where did this come from?

There are places where development would be far more suitable . Surely if there is to be development it should be according to the 2005 district plan which states that there was to be no development of Pinchbeck, except on brown field sites.

Pinchbeck, which has been over-developed, will be lost, its assets sold – quality of life for many will be gone. Any income generated for the community would be a pittance compared to the cost paid by the community.

No wonder people are disenfranchised with politics.


Gallery Walk