Vicar was wide of mark on birdlife

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Forgive me, but if the Reverend Judith Dunkling (Thought for the Week, October 20) knew the first thing about the current state of our birdlife she might well be questioning her faith rather than exulting her God’s supposed creations.

With very few exceptions, we have seen a monumental reduction in the numbers of all bird species over the last few years.

The list is almost endless but the humble sparrow the Reverend used as an example is probably most poignant – we’ve seen their numbers reduced by a staggering 80 per cent.

I’m so envious of those that can look at life through such rose tinted glasses.

Andrew MacDonald


PS: Why is it that Thought for the Week submissions appear to be from the Anglican Church alone? We now live in a multi-cultural society, so where are the Muslim, Catholic, Atheist, etc., thoughts? Some might well represent a minority but nevertheless deserve to have occasional mention.