VETERANS: Thanks for helping to raise thousands

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We have recently heard a lot about collections made in aid of the Normandy Veterans and the Anglian Regiment Charity Fund.

I would like to thank the following people for their help in raising thousands of pounds for the charities mentioned. Mr and Mrs P Milton, Mr J Galey, Mr E Toynton, Mr J Summerson,Mr and Mrs A Blackman, Mr and Mrs R Allen, Mr and Mrs P Morris, Mr K Clamping, Mr and Mrs E Walmsley,Mr R Dean, Mr Hales, Mr Ketteringham and Mr J Camplin. The last two are deceased.

Thanks to Mr Payne for his help in allowing his property to be used to raise the funds. Mr Milton and Mr Toynton must be mentioned as they raised more than anyone else over the years while sitting in supermarket doorways and in the Anglia Motel.

Both the mentioned could not return to Normandy this year due to failing health. Mr Milton was a tank commander on D-Day, Mr Toynton arived in Normandy via a glider on D-Day evening.

Ted Walmsley

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