Value for money? Nonsense!

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It is often hard to ignore the sycophantic support for local MP John Hayes in the letters page of this newspaper whenever his pay and conditions are referred to.

However, in light of the latest Ipsa proposals (see BBC news 8/12/13) the indignation felt nationally about the proposed 11 per cent increase, means this subject is even harder to ignore right now.

This will not go away; MPs need to be aware there are now very strong feelings of disgust.

Your recent, letter writing, MPs’ pay apologists, (see Spalding Guardian 30/11/13) always assert, that without higher wages, only the very rich could afford to serve as MPs resulting in poorer quality representation and taxpayers not getting real value for money.

This in my view is nonsense; and those suggesting that this is so, know it is.

These same arguments are not used about others who have unselfishly become public servants, on our behalf, and who are currently having their pay rises capped at one per cent.

Ipsa’s latest proposals will surely increase public contempt and disrespect for MPs if acted on.

The notion ‘that we are all in it together’ is beginning to sound like the biggest lie ever deployed by a major political party.

The Tories, who have not won a general election since 1993, need to re-think this much publicised argument, along with the ‘value for money’ one the locals assert (in this paper, at least,)

No one believes it. Wake up politicians!

David Turp