Value for money? I don’t think so

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Regarding the report in last week’s Spalding Guardian and the views shared by our South Holland District Council leaders that the £335,000 bill to pay councillors is providing good value for money.

I think (council leader) Mr Porter insults our retired community by thinking the council would be run by rich, retired people if councillors did not receive current payments and allowances. I don’t know of any rich retired people, especially not receiving large allowances plus their state pension, but they might do well as a local councillor.

Also I would like to know where the value for money is when the Red Lion Quarter was built for £6million and was deemed a failed project by our council leader recently on national television news and was sold as a big loss.

The new Johnson Hospital was developed at a cost of £20million and on its completion did not provide the community with an accident and emergency department.

I would have thought it would be priority to provide an accident and emergency facility as the roads between the nearby hospitals, Peterborough and Boston, are still congested. This could prove vital for someone requiring treatment after a road traffic incident or heart attack.

Another disappointment was the long-awaited new road link to replace the old A1073. After long delays the cost of this project doubled and millions were wasted. Holland Market was built away from the town centre instead of being encompassed with the high street activity.

Springfields Shopping Outlet takes people out of town, resulting in a big loss to local traders.

Some £68,000 was spent on the purchase of Gore Lane telephone exchange and thousands more spent on the demolition of the site.

I know the public have a vote in local elections and put these people in charge, but last year’s polling was a very poor turnout. This might make people think about the chance for change in 2015.

alue for money, I don’t think so Mr Porter.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road