Universal languages is needed

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I write regarding the letter sent in by Ann Matthews. I applaud the fact someone has actually voiced their opinion on the problems now encountered throughout the UK, not just in Spalding.

We have been a tolerant nation, and have adapted our way of life and our laws to embrace people from all nations.The very thought that there are shops and pubs not prepared to serve ALL citizens is utterly abhorrent, and for that matter, illegal. Will the police enforce this law? Will the perpetrators be brought to justice?

I regularly visit a shop in town. It is owned and run by eastern Europeans. I have always been treated with courtesy and politeness whilst shopping there.

The key to some of our problems lies within our own hands, and the hands of our immigrant friends.

Rather than segregation, we need integration. We need to use the same laws for everyone and we need a universal language. We call it English, it is taught in all of our schools, to all of our children.

Refusing to acknowledge the language of the nation where you are living is not the correct way to build the future you longed for when you came to stay.

Matthew Hirst

Whaplode St Catherine