Unions should form another party

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EVERYBODY knows that the Labour Party is predominantly funded by its founders, the trade unions. This has been the case for decades and is completely transparent and open to public scrutiny. It’s only in the last few years that certain right-wing individuals and organisations have suggested there is something wrong with this.

The Conservatives know that a Labour Party deprived of union revenue would soon wither and die, leaving Britain a one-party Tory state run by, and for, the super rich.

If people object to the unions funding their own party they know what to do. Don’t vote Labour.

I fully accept Andrew MacDonald’s point that there are union members who don’t vote Labour and resent their subs doing to finance a party they don’t support. These people are in the same boat as those employees of large companies who don’t vote Conservative. Told there is no money available for recruitment, investment or to pay decent wages they then discover that their employers have been shovelling millions into Tory Party coffers.

Labour policy has almost no union influence.

There are no plans to re-nationalise railways or to take back our gas, electric and water utilities. Where are the plans to reduce our overseas aid budget and invest the savings in British jobs?

Labour have no solution to end the scandal of homelessness which blights our nation. The list goes on.

The truth is that, with a declining membership, union influence is on the wave. Labour have steadily moved away from their socialist principles and working class roots.

I am neither a member of a trade union or the Labour party but my advice to the unions would be:Start another party which will put the aspirations of working people first.

Nick Basford

Orchard Close