UKIP: ‘We are here to stay’

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I read with interest the letter from Tony Bown in Thursday’s Guardian.

Of course Tony’s right. Things are changing, as they do every few decades. UKIP’s certainly here to stay, nationally and locally.

Understandably the present political establishment don’t much like it, they’ve had it their own way for such a very long time.

We do of course feel very strongly about the EU referendum and mass open door immigration but there is far more to us than that.

We care deeply about local democracy , that’s why our councillors have no party whip and are free to vote according to the wishes of the people they represent, why we want local referendums on the most important issues and why we want a recall system for under performing MPs and councillors.

For the record, we do not wish to “send home” established migrants who are here legally, just the same points based system, for all new migrants, as places like Australia.

Illegals, scroungers and serious criminals are an exception.

I note in the Guardian, some of the Polish community are concerned about a huge influx of new migrants from the most recent EU members, they are right, we all should be.

In my experience most Poles and many others from the older EU members work hard and contribute to our economy and I invite all established, legal, migrant communities to join with us.

They will be welcome in UKIP, they too deserve representation.

Paul Foyster

Holbeach UKIP agent