Turn it into a shopping mall

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Does South Holland District Council leader Mr Porter and his members realise the amount of problems they will incur if they break the trust agreement and let developers build on the Sir Halley Stewart Field?

I wonder how many more developers are watching the outcome. They will open the floodgates to every piece of land with the same sort of agreement on it, ie Snowden playing field in Crowland.

They will not be able to say no because they will have set a precedent already.

Also, Victoria Street car park could be turned into a state of the art shopping mall with a multi-story car park on top to accommodate all the extra people that they say will come to Spalding, killing two birds with one stone, and would be a more natural extension to the town centre than that of the Holland Market.

It would also incorporate the precinct into the town with easier access.

I think the council and Mr Porter should give a lot of thought to what they do. The Halley Stewart playing field should be turned into the open green space park that everybody in Spalding would appreciate.

Just a reminder to the council – you do not own this piece of real estate, you only manage it for the people of Spalding.

Before you go giving it away to developers Corbo you should think about asking the people of Spalding by a referendum what they would like to happen.

Bill Johnson

King’s Road