Trying to trace my old RAF colleague

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I am trying to trace an Ian Vickers who I have lost contact with since 1989 who lived in Spalding.

We met in the mid ’80s when he worked for the RAF on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean as a fireman on the airbase there and I worked as a fire/security police for the US airforce on the same base.

In 1989 when we met in his home town of Spalding he worked for his dad as a mobile windscreen fitter with his brother. 
I was in the UK at the time on police training with the West Yorkshire Police.

I am originally from the British territories of St Helena/Ascension Islands and have been in the UK for more than 11 years and still cannot trace him.
I have lost all contact numbers and information how to contact him.

Please if you could help in this matter it would be much appreciated

My contact number is 07801 978528.
I go by Rob or Robbie or at the time my nickname he might have known as Stoogie.

Robert George

Swindon, Wiltshire